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What is the QC Tag and where can it be found?

The QC Tag is an off-white or yellow inspection tag (Quality Control Tag) that Drake attached to every radio they build as it went thought the assembly line.  As it passed through final inspection various individuals initialed the card indicating it pass their particular inspection or test they performed on the equipment.  The QC tags were typically attached to the AC cord or on the rear chassis of the radio.

 These tags usually got tossed when the owner unboxed the radio for the first time.   The tag has the model number, serial number and date of manufacturer usually across the top of the tag.  The Drake serial numbers were numerically incremented with each new piece of equipment, thus it does not contain other information like most manufacturers do today.   The only way we can track when a piece of equipment was manufactured is matching the serial number to the QC Tag date. That is what our database is all about, matching your serial number as close as you can to one in the database give you some idea of when it was built.   Of course the more tag information we can get the more accurate we can determine the date that equipment was built.