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Great old boat-anchors that were American made, and they are still a great radio!! We are here to support and help other collectors and users of these fine old radios and their accessories. These great ham radios are pretty solid performers and can still hold their own.  They are well worth the effort to rescue  hamfest and e-bay "parts" rigs.  You will find help from experienced users, and meet many others who simply share your enthusiasm for these radios.




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  Visit the Drake Virtual Museum   Here is a great Drake website sponsored by Sindre Thorp, LA6OP.    You will find an extensive amount of Drake information.  This site has pictures and information on almost every piece of Drake Ham equipment.

  Do you consider yourself a Drake Collector, whether it be a few radios, small collection or large, proudly display this emblem.  Just copy and paste the picture to your e-mail, website or other projects.


The Drake Net:

Join the fun, tune into the Drake Technical Net.    The net is every Sunday at 4:00pm EST / 3:00PM CST on 7.238Mhz.  The Drake Technical Net is a technical session for troubleshooting help, looking for parts, repair assistance and advice.

Check out the previous Dayton Hamvention's and Drake Forum's.   One of the high lights at Dayton for the Drakester is the annual Drake Forum on Saturday.