Collins KWM-2 Transceiver

The Collins KWM-2 and the KWM-2A Transceiver gaves you mobile, portable, and fixed station supporting SSB and CW communications on all amateur bands between 3.4 and 29.7Mhz.  The KWM-2A version was an extended frequency coverage version of the KWM-2 with a additional crystal board adding 14 additional tuning ranges from a front panel switch just above the Band Selector.   The KWM-2 power input was 175 watts on SSB and 160 watts on CW, with a nominal output of 100 watts.    For mobile operation the KWM-2 could be equipped with the 136B-2 noise blanker which mounted to the lid and cabling routed to plug in connections on the chassis.   The transceiver requires an external power supply and there were three to choose from.   The 516F-2 power supply was external and mounted inside a matching case, the PM-2 compact style power supply with built-in speaker attached to the rear of the transceiver, both were 110VAC models.  The 516E-1 power supply was for 12VDC  mobile operations.   The transceiver weight without power supply was 18 pounds.

Front & Rear      Chassis Top View      Chassis Bottom View  

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The KWM-2A Transceiver included an second bank of crystals selectable with the switch just above the Band Select switch.  This feature doubled the range capacity of the transceiver.

The rear panel of the KWM-2 and the KWM-2A were identical.