Collins 51S-1 General Coverage Receiver

Collins "S" Line 51S-1 General Coverage Receiver provided reception in LSB, USB, AM, and CW with continuous coverage of the 2-30Mhz spectrum, and provided additional coverage in the .2 to2.0Mhz range.   The tuning range is covered in 30 one megahertz bands.   the improved dial assembly uses a counter type readout for the megahertz range and 1 kilohertz divisions on the the main tuning dial.

The receiver had sharp selectivity and exceptional sensitivity because of its advanced circuitry.  The Collins mechanical Filter achieved selectivity unsurpassed in radio technology.   The "Rejection Tuning" notch filter provided at least 40dB attenuation of unwanted heterodynes.  The receiver was highly accurate and stable and accurate to within 1Khz.

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